I'm doing this second menu for a web site, but they told me is too much " old style" and they don't like the disposition of icon... Any suggest for me please? Thank you

  • The second menu is only in that section " flow designer/builder "
  • in the grid it will be possible to draw flows, so I need the space of the menu to make visible, after the user choses icon, other configuration options as text input etc
  • No much colors available...(I 'have already use them)

THANKS!! enter image description here


See some references and my opinion about each one:

  1. Gutenberg blocks on Wordpress is a nice reference. enter image description here

  2. This is interesting but the icons are terrible. enter image description here

  3. It's quite more modern option. enter image description here

  4. I particularly prefer this because don't have text, just icons. And looks clean. enter image description here

  5. This I only added as an alternative for the way that you show the icons and texts. enter image description here

Of course, you can get the best idea of each one and create your own design. The sizes, fonts, icons, colours and spaces will make the difference. I hope that these alternative ideas (not design reference) could help you.


I think making use of space and ordering information is the best way to go about this feature.

You could align the icons in a one single line rather than 3 columns. Thus making better use of the space, that is, more visible space for the grid. (see below)

enter image description here

You can also group the 3 sections first and have a third menu showing up with all the correspondent icons. Thus improving information architecture, grouping things and showing only relevant information, and also making good use of space (see below)

enter image description here enter image description here

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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