I couldn't find a fitting solution to that so I am asking for your guys opinions - what is the best way to display multiple one-row tables?

Since there is a lot of other information behind each row, it is not possible to display them underneath each other like regular tables. The information needs to fit into a rectangle, since the other related information is placed on the same space "on the backside". So I thought of descunstructing the table. Colors are just for showing you that there are kind of categories:

Deconsctructed table

Another approach would be to display a regular scrollable table with filters, but as you can imagine the space between each row would be huge since the other information behind. Also I would like to avoid horizontal scrolling:

Huge Table

The application will be desktop only. Is the first approach in your opinion valid? There is a lot of information which can be confusing, on the other hand its all at glance which is pretty important here. Any other suggestions?

  • What are the users doing with this info? – Mike M Apr 25 at 3:19
  • And what do you mean by 'other information behind'? It's a little unclear at the moment. – Mike M Apr 25 at 3:28
  • A less abstract example might be beneficial here to decide on the content placement. How big can the "content" be? – abney317 Apr 26 at 14:56

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