There is this block in every social media app, on a user profile screen. It contains user's userpic, name and other info, before their content starts below it.

How do UX designers and developers call this block as a component in their design system?

enter image description here

  • I would go with "Profile overview" or "User overview" – xul May 6 '19 at 13:01

I often see these called "Profile Cards":



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This section is normally called 'Profile Header'.

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  • @Wanda Well apparently, everyone else thinks the same as I do. – Ren May 6 '19 at 13:06
  • I wanted to add that you should elaborate your answer with examples, but I ended up posting a rather vague (and tbh kind of rude) auto-reply. – Wanda May 7 '19 at 9:19

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