We're looking at adding this functionality to our basket to allow users to clear all products in their basket. Is this standard practice or is a 'Save for later' button or wish list function a better approach?

  • Could you explain why you don't want users to be able to clear their shopping basket? Omitting the functionality would likely score poorly in a task where users are asked to remove items from the basket, which is a common real-world activity. – 習約塔 May 18 '19 at 7:49

If the user is in their basket then this would be one of the functionalities users currently expect.

In the basket allow the user to:

  • change qty of their items
  • see the number and qty of items in the basket
  • see the sub-total of their items
  • and, if you have their shipping address, it would be nice to have an "estimated tax" summary

  • Since users expect to be able to remove items from their shopping cart having a one-click option is an excellent idea.

And then, obviously, allow them to return to the shopping area, and continue through the purchasing process.

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