I'm building an application where I have a shopping list which have name and description.

The name field is an input field, type of text and description is a text area.

Currently, we manage to update Name and description whether the user presses Enter or Escape key, but for me, it's a bit confusing. Updating the input field on Enter press for me it's okay. But in the textarea, where the user wants to make a multiliner message with line breaks it's not intuitive and confusing and should be done by "SAVE" button.

What's your opinion?

  • This doesn't answer your question but perhaps some food for thought: What if someone was using your app on a mobile or tablet? How would they save their work without an Enter button? Can you offer a similar experience to the user, regardless what device they are using? – joeytwiddle Apr 15 at 8:51
  • By clicking outside the textarea or input you're saving the field. But thank you for this comment, cause I realized that it may be totally bad way for mobile users to save the data from text fields :) – p7adams Apr 15 at 12:01

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