For a design project, we are deciding whether using a tab within the accordion or just lay out the data with subtitles within the accordion will best help categorize the content for the user.

What do you guys think is the best practice?

Accordion with just content presented

Accordion with tabs

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Honest answer is - It depends on the amount of information, how you want your users to see the information and width-height of the interface

I was writing in details, but I'd rather choose this answer which can give you a clear idea in details, and the answer is much more informative.

accordions vs tabs


Hope that will help :)


Ask yourself: Do users need to see all content in one page or at a glance? Do the tabs represent categories?

Tabs (Used to ease navigation and group related content):

  • Are you categorizing or logically grouping the content?
  • Are you trying to discourage vertical scrolling in case there is a lot of content vertically displayed?

No Tabs (It is better to group all content in one page):

  • Content does not need to be categorized or separated on different views (I just need to display related content).
  • Users would benefit from seeing all content on one page or at a glance.
  • There is no concerns of long vertical scrolling, instead it is encouraged.


Tabs provide a more organized structure especially when there is a need to separate the content! But if it is best for content to be grouped on one long page that encourages scrolling, then no Tabs!

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