I have a form wizard some input fields. On the first step of the wizard, there are 2 checkboxes which once the form has been submitted, cannot be edited. All other fields can be edited later on if the user wants to.

How do I tell the user that the two checkboxes cannot be edited so that they do not miss out on the message? Is the following message understandable?

enter image description here

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Treat this like any other destructive/permeant act a user could take against data. Because this is an unchangeable option present a confirmation of choice. This could be a secondary check box like agreeing to terms before submitting a payment, or a popup seeking a secondary yes. Any text you put on the page no matter color will be skipped by some unless "forced" to read it.


using red text-color makes it seem like a validation error. Would go for black. Think of displaying it in parenthesis or move it below the checkbox.

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    This was my concern as well. However, I really do not want the user to miss out/ignore the text. Commented Mar 27, 2019 at 12:14

How about focusing on the action the user can (or can't) take, instead of the form itself?

This field is uneditable once saved


You can't change this once you save this form.

  • this gets rid of 'uneditable'
  • what does 'field' mean to the user? If you can, this word should be specific to the information they're providing in the field.
  • also, move from the passivity of 'once saved' to the more active 'once you save this form'

I realise you may be constrained by character count, etc., but I hope it helps!

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