I'm building a MD styled desktop application that essentially acts as a dashboard (w/ a data table) for a list of remote devices. Within the data table, I have a button for each item that presents a dialog of the detailed properties for that item. I also want the user to see a history of action items for each item.

I think a good UX decision to present the item action history would be to create a tab layout for this same dialog, one tab for item detail view, one tab for item history. I don't think this is taboo for MD design, but if it is, can someone recommend some good alternatives for the data I'm looking to present to the user?


  • I don't think it is considered taboo using tabs in a modal. But thinking in terms of implementation and usage perspective, do your users need to share specific links to others. For e.g, if they want to share "history" with someone, developers may find difficult to preserve the state since the URL doesn't contain specific parameters. – tridip1931 Mar 25 at 5:52

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