I need an expandable/collapsable list where each item indicates that some actions are available and each category may

  • be expanded/collapsed
  • allow more actions on that category

Material Design's indicates that lists can be expanded and collapsed with a down/up arrow.

material list

I need such a list with additional actions on each rows.

For example,

  • "Dining" is expanded here. I want to allow the user to configure the "Dining" category (add Dining items, change Dining preferences, etc.).
  • "Sushi bars" is visible. I want to allow the user to configure its "Sushi bar" preferences.

If the items weren't also expandable/collapsable, a three vertical dots dropdown menu would be fine. But I'd either have to lose the up/down arrow (expand/collapse becomes counterintuitive) or have two icons (confusing and arguably ugly)

  • Hi, I believe what you are looking for is multi-level navigation. To be clear by allow more actions on that category you mean, tapping on that category will open up a screen where users can set their preferences right? – tridip1931 Mar 24 at 5:48

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