Looking for examples of buttons above a table that can show you the numbers of a specific type of item and when you click them filter the table.

Any link or example will help a lot.

I have looked for lots of examples. One example I found is here. Looking for similar examples, and too see if there are more complicated ones (filter based on more than one column).

enter image description here

  • Hi Zurim, have you tried searching online already? What did you like or not like about what you found? If you have more specific questions, we may be able to help you. – maxathousand Mar 19 at 15:47
  • can you show us your efforts so far? This forum is most effective when people bring some mocks showing the specific situation, and outline any constraints they are dealing with. – Mike M Mar 19 at 16:40

The most relatable example. Click on "Active" "Hot" etc and you know, the list is filtered. enter image description here

In your case, have an 'icon/name of the item + number of the specific item' in place of "Active","Hot".


Maybe you need something like datatables, it is jquery plugin.

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