I have time series data visualized on a line chart and want to format the x-axis accordingly. I wonder what format to choose in English if the data is aggregated by week. In German i would use "KW x".

  • I found this discussion, that suggests "Week x" if you want to translate the German word "Kalenderwoche (KW) x" to English.
  • Also google calendar is using this format.

  • Moment.js offers some other options


Anyone else has any input one this?


Not sure what programs you use but excel can give you a week number based on a date, assume cell A1 has the relevant date then :

="Week "&week(A1))

Will give : Week 7

If the date is in week 7... the text in double quotes can be what you want but notice the space at the end...

Then just produce the relevant ones you need for the chart.

Of course if you have a function that gets the relevant translation of "week" in cell B1 then you could use:

=B1&" "&A1

which would give "Week 7" or "KW 7" or "Semaine 7" etc

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