Online shops seem to be slipping into 'overcommunicating' about online purchases.

Beyond an email/text to confirm details of a purchase, is there any need to send numerous emails/texts reporting where your package currently is ?

(and if so when does 'sufficient' become 'too many' ?)

  • You can add track option to locate where the package currently is if the locations are too many. – Sheraz Mar 13 at 9:54

Those extra emails will be discarded at the end just like those too many promotional emails that shops keep sending!

Why do I need more than one email that:

1- Confirms my order with the order details.

2- Provides a link to track my order and to set up delivery notification (including where and when my package will be delivered).

I would expect another email in case:

1- Issue with my order (any issue with the order, or shipping delays, item no longer available...etc)

2- Tracking details were not available at the time of placing the order, so they need to send another email with tracking details.

There are some online shops that send one email only and yes it works!

  • A link in the (1) confirm email seems like a good solution – PhillipW Mar 14 at 22:59

The number depends on how much info is available and when.

As a customer there are a few things I specifically care about.

  1. Confirmation my order was placed successfully
  2. When my order has been picked up for delivery (if say a retailer that ships via UPS)
  3. When my order has shipped (and what is my tracking number)
  4. Any delay/issue along the way (item is on backorder, etc.)
  5. From the delivery company, any waypoint on route (sorting facility in Maine, transfer in Memphis, transfer in Denver, transfer in Portland, at border customs in Blaine, transfer in Calgary, sorting facility in Toronto, out for delivery, delivered)

For 1-3 if I can get all those details in 1 email... great. If not I want an email whenever the next level of info is available. For 4, it would be as needed. For the tracking, once I have the number I can track via the shipper (Eg UPS/DHL/FedEx)

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