Why these the structure is separated?

Why not one search only that when you click on a user it goes to profile page and when you click on the company you go to the company page?

or one company profile like a SPA which you can select which user you need information?

Are these CRMS designed in this way because of user experience or software engineering (to avoid things getting messy)?

Hubspot for example:

1- Contact Search

enter image description here

2- User profile screen Happens after clicking on user contact search results

enter image description here

3- Company Search

enter image description here

4- Company profile screen after clicking on company search results Happens after clicking on company contact search results

enter image description here


I work as UX Designer in a team which the primary product is a CRM. We also do it separately. And are in a process to change it :)

Contact and Company are two different concepts for CRM and users often register them separately. But there is no reason the search should be limited. In our case we are going to implement something like this:

  • The user search for a contact, we list the contact name and the company the contact works for.

  • The user search for a company, we list the companies and a link to list of contacts.

  • That's what I was trying to do, but I wonder if that has an engineering concern. – Daniel Vianna Feb 22 at 1:14
  • I think It really depends on what technologies you are using and how you implement it. But I don't know enough to give you a good technical answer :( – Aline Feb 22 at 11:21

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