(AVOD = ad based video on demand, free to consumers)

I've been reading Gerry McGovern's book about Top Tasks after getting the approach recommended on Reddit and I'm eager to try this.
It looks though like the method can be better applied on informational websites although I've read about some people using it on "product"-websites. My confusion here lays on the list shortening-phase.

In my case, I work at a broadcasting company that has an AVOD service focused on news and tv-programs (it's an extension of a TV channel).
I'm a little confused because it feels like all the tasks would start with "Watch ..." - For example, "Watch the news", "watch series", "keep watching a series that I watched the first episode on the TV", "watch the news", "Cast to Chromecast" and etc. When shortening the list it would become something like "Movies", "Series", "News", "Chromecast".
Anyway, the list would be really short.

Am I missing or did I misunderstand something? Could you guys help me clarify this with an example (maybe Netflix would be a good case)? All the help is appreciated!

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  • It would be helpful to understand better if the service you're describing functions like a catch-up service (a catalogue of ad-supported content that the user can choose from) or a single stream (like a live stream of an existing broadcast TV channel). In general it seems like you're missing out on all the tasks that happen before choosing to "watch" something, but I suspect I've misunderstood the service your company provides. – Kit Grose Feb 13 at 22:48