I'm a totally newbie with Axure, so I apologize if my question sounds like "obvious" to those who are used to use the tool.

I'm familiar with tools where we set an artboard before starting to create something. Currently, Adobe XD is my main bet on that. I've browsed on Axure and I couldn't find where at least see on which size I would start to work. So, if I wanna make a wireframe for a website (could be 1920 w), how can I limit the area to 1920 to avoid putting content outside the artwork (our "artboard" on Adobe XD) ?

I searched a lot on Google and Youtube but I didn't find that specific answer. I've looking for some wireframing-targeted tool (prototyping too) and since companies, for some reason, consider Axure as their "little darling", I decided to at least understand its essentials, I mean, the main stuff to get the thing done as quick as possible. If you also could recommend me some best practices working on Axure, I appreciate.

Thank you!

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  • A newbie to Axure? I didn't think that happened any more. Axure is dead. I wouldn't bother investing the time unless someone is paying you to do it. – plainclothes Feb 8 at 6:58
  • Which country do you live in? I can only talk about Brazil, which is where I live, unfortunately, but yes, and any damn company for the last 2 years wanted to hire me and give me a freaking visa. So, as it follows, many companies here ask for Axure. I didn't like the tool, it really sounds like dead and I agree with you based on that, however, it's important to me if I have some basic knowledge on how to use it at least its essential elements. What tool do you use and what you suggest? – joaogdesigner Feb 8 at 21:52
  • Interesting to hear companies are still asking for it. I've stopped talking about my experience with it because no one cares. I'm in the USA. I mostly use Sketch and InVision now. It's so fast to get to a working prototype now that my teams don't need all the complexity and overhead of Axure. – plainclothes Feb 8 at 22:56
  • Yes man, in Brazil it's so difficult for us to dive in new software or technology because we have no appropriate incentives for that. But I appreciate that you're saying that, it helps me cleaning my mind and stay really updated. If you didn't tell me about Axure being "dead" I won't find something on internet. The problem is that my main machine is PC, I have a Macbook 13'' early 2011, but it's hard to work with a 13'' screen. I'm trying now to go with Balsamiq, which I've heard it's very good for wireframing. – joaogdesigner Feb 9 at 19:46
  • Any tool can produce good results if you solve your problems well 👍My best wireframes usually happen on the whiteboard. Good luck to you! – plainclothes Feb 11 at 21:09