I'm currently in the process of re-doing my company website. We want to have a brief video in the first fold explaining what we do as a mobile and app development agency.

I'm having a hard time figuring out the pros and cons of having an animated video or a video showing real people that might prove more genuineness?

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  • How does people's perception of paintings compare to perception of photographs? How about perception of full-on CGI movies (Avatar) compared to movies with minimal CGI? Which is seen as more real? – locationunknown Feb 7 at 12:39
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    There is no one single solution to this. The answers you are going to get will be 'it depends'. It would be of great help if you list down the pros and cons you got so far so that we can add on to it and not reiterate the obvious. – Anvesh Dunna Feb 7 at 20:17

I hate to start an answer like this but, it depends.

Yes, it depends on what the projected outcome might be for each solution.

So far you thought of 2 solutions: 1. animated video 2. video with real people

With these in mind I would ask the following questions:

  • Do I have (or access to) the expertise in order to create a professional looking animated video?
  • Do I have (or access to) the directing ability, equipment and actors available to create a professional looking live action video?

Once you have reflected on these questions I would then ask yourself one final thing.

Which solution will look the most professional whilst still maintaining a realistic budget.

  • Both will have to be outsourced to different agencies. – Karan Shah Feb 7 at 16:59

Put a lot of thinking into what this video exactly should communicate.

If the video should communicate in a personal way how your motivated, competent team works together to make the best apps out there, real people gives the user a feel of that. If the video should communicate that you have a a state of the art process to make the best apps out there, independent of the people behind it, a animated video could do the trick.

These are only two very simple examples to show, that the content and intention of the video gives the answer to your question.

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