I've got an android app with a view of a diagram that can be dragged, rotated and scaled using pinch zoom and other similar gestures. Often times I find that I want to reset back to a canonical view of the diagram. Is there an agreed upon gesture for doing this besides just having a reset button? I was thinking double tapping, but I haven't seen it in other apps.

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Double tap is the default for zooming back to normal in iOS. It works in photos, safari and a lot of other apps and is encouraged in the guidelines.

Material guidelines talk about it too:

A pinch, or two quick taps, allows users to zoom into and out of content.

I’m pretty sure it’s a standard expected behaviour for users by now.

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    Ok, I was trying to figure out why double tap felt so natural, I guess that makes sense!
    – mklingen
    Commented Feb 4, 2019 at 17:17

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