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Would you use a carousel to show all products listed by specific categories into the header?

Consider that there are already other 3 navigation menu on the same page to access them on the top and right and another on an ad-hoc map to the centre of the page.

  • The carousel has no common controls like arrows but only a line below that the users must drag and drop to scroll all the product.

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  • Carousels are only needed to keep management / stakeholders happy. They're never needed for actual usability / user experience / user benefit purposes. – JonW Jan 28 at 15:24
  • Thanks a lot! This confirm my idea too. Now the big problem is to let them understand that, any suggestion? – Mari Jan 28 at 15:38
  • 1
    The linked 'Are Carousels Effective' post has plenty of links to studies, expert opinions and advice, so all you can really do is present the evidence to them and state your case. If they still want a carousel then you'll probably have to end up doing it. Generally I pick my battles and if I lose this one then so-be-it - I know a carousel will just be ignored so I make sure the rest of the site works properly and users can still access the content without needing to use the carousel, – JonW Jan 28 at 16:01