I`m having an issue with the current project. We have a table with some "jobs". Once a job is completed it can be archived.

I have created a switch to "See archived jobs" that I thought it would hide current jobs in the existing table and only show the archived one. But the business managers asked for "a smarter way to allow to have both current and archived jobs merged"

Do you know any examples of how archived elements are presented? I was thinking of having two switches one to view only archived elements and one to see both but I find it somewhat weird.

  • What is the table used for? And what is wrong with a separate list or view for archived items, like WhatsApp does? – Levano Jan 22 at 14:36

What about having all items still listed but having archived items muted in color so they look different. Also if they have drop-downs from the table then the options on the dropdown can change based on the isArchived status or you can disable buttons in the drop-down.

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