I have created an extension that i try to improve. I'm not an expert at user experience that why i ask you if i'm doing it right or wrong.

The extension works with google search engine. When you search something on the search engine, google shows you 10 link or more. With my extension you just have to mouseover the link and website is show inside a "smooth popup".

The question is, do you think it's better to add shortcut to show the website, or mouseover is ok as user experience ?

There is what's the extension looks like : enter image description here

  • That quick preview seems okay. But Imagine user scrolling the mouse pointer top down all through the page and almost all Url's/links will fire the MouseOver event. How does your extension behave now. Does it appear like a lot of flashing/reloads? Or is it still smooth? I guess keep mouseover with may be an "effective" wait time. As in user MouseHovers a link for 200 millisecs that would mean he wants to see the preview. – Prateek Shrivastava Jan 22 at 9:21
  • @PrateekShrivastava Thanks for you answer. I use it everyday and yes its actually flashing/reloads the popup for each link the user mouseover. I think I'll add a timer to the mouseover event if a link is already rendered and let the mouseover trigger without timer for the first link the user try to render. I also can let the user choice what he want and add the posibility to choice between shortcut, mouseover and timer of mouseover.. – Nico LP Jan 22 at 9:31
  • Can user move from the Hovered link into the iFrame/Preview area that you render and may be scroll up/down or use the controls/link/inputs in the rendered preview? Like in the screenshot - what if the infor i am interested in is somewhere down the page. So I want to scroll down in the preview? – Prateek Shrivastava Jan 22 at 9:37
  • Also, does seeing the preview mean that URL will be shown/marked as visited? If so, then its going to be a negative point for the add-in. Say I want to quick glance the Page but dont want to leave any trace that I opened/visited it. – Prateek Shrivastava Jan 22 at 9:41
  • 1
    @PrateekShrivastava Yes the user can move from the hovered link into iFrame area rendered, he can also click on links that appear on the iFrame, stream movie, listen music etc.. he also can scroll down, scroll up, up. He can actually do everything he want through the website iFramed. Feedback are welcomes, if you want to try it : link – Nico LP Jan 22 at 9:46

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