Is there a name for the pattern of matching two things by using a line to connect them together?

This is often used on school tests that try to match a word with its proper definition. Here is an example:

Draw lines to connect words with their definition.

  • Could you specify in what context are you trying to use this pattern? Or how do you plan to apply this pattern in your design? – Arriving From The Sky Jan 22 at 0:35
  • @ArrivingFromTheSky The idea was to create a CSV import system that lets users match the columns of their file to the columns used in our built-in format. – Dominic Roy-Stang Jan 23 at 0:28

This is a "Word-Definition Matching Widget"

(Full transparency: I just made that up after googling it and finding a bunch of examples on worksheets meant for paper)

I think there isn't an easily findable name for this pattern because it doesn't translate to the web very well. I'm trying to imaging what the responsive mobile version would look like and I can't.

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