What is your recommended solution for our Customer Service mobile app? We have a live chat that caters all the concerns of our customers but the problem is, we just have a limited number of agents available so definitely, some customers need to wait. What do you think is the best solution to inform them that the queue is quite long and they need to wait (in a way that they will not get mad and understand the situation)?

  • Do you have anything currently in place for this? – JonW Jan 13 at 10:12
  • yes, I have a live chat already but the problem is the number of agents that we have couldn't accommodate all of our customers. I am just thinking if what is the best way to inform all the customers that they have to wait for a while since all of agents are engaged at this time. – king321 Jan 13 at 10:19
  • Sorry, I mean do you currently have a solution in place to tell people they're in a queue? What do customers currently see when they try to chat but can't get in? – JonW Jan 13 at 10:41
  • nngroup recently (1 day ago) posted guidelines for a chatbot. nngroup.com/articles/chat-ux that might help. – Kevin M. Jan 15 at 9:41

You could have developers write a code that estimates how much time the queue will take and display that to the user. For that you will need to count the duration of each chat create an estimate chat duration multiplied with the number of users that are already in queue. This might be hard because some chats would take a minute and maybe some would take 20 minutes.

Or you could just display the number of users already in queue with a message like : "5 users in queue, please wait or use our contact form to get a reply in maximum 24 hours". It`s important giving the user an alternative to contact you in that moment if he does not want to wait in line.

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