My web projects has 16 different features(tools). I divided these features into 2 different group, starters, enterprise.

As all we would agree, we must show UVP, main benefit of the product to the visitors in the landing page. So that it shouldn't be complex. For my case all different tools have their own UVP, also they share common 1 goals. I don't have problem with that.

I don't think that showing all tools as 1 section in the landing page since the user will get bored, long page.

I'm trying to find optimum solution. These are my finding until now. Looking forward to your suggestions. Especially it would be great if you could show me real examples.

- I can create 2 header menus with plan names ( for starters, for enterprise), when hover on the menu title and small features of the products is shown in MEGA MENU. The homepage will only include main UVP, lead form etc.

enter image description here

- Other option is to put all these features in a tab menu in landing page. So that people can just click through and see summary of the product then click button redirect to specific page for more details. enter image description here

- Last option is to have a vertical slider enter image description here

  • I don't think I understand the problem. Can you rephrase? – Nicolas Hung Jan 14 at 15:53

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