I have a screen within a Windows Forms app that asks the user for costs/fees, per stage. There's 6 stages. Each can be Estimated or Fixed. If it's Fixed then a single currency value is required. If it's Estimated then an estimate between two values must be provided. These all eventually end up in a document.

I'm struggling to find a way to make it easy to use and intuitive. I'm quite limited on the types of controls that can be used - have to stick with Textboxes, captions/labels, dropdowns and currency fields. However I can use C# to do anything in the background and make the form more interactive.

The form currently looks like this and accepts one currency value, with a dropdown to determine fixed/estimated:

First form screenshot

It would look like this when filled in:

First form filled in

An idea I had was to ask first if the fee is estimated or fixed. Then For each 'Stage', ask for the relevant value(s). This would change the form on the fly depending on the options that the user chooses.

Quick mockup:

Mockup of new design

In the case of stage 1 which is 'Estimated', the Confirm Fee button adds a bit of placeholder text into a readonly textbox.

Button behaviour

Can anyone think of a better way to do this, in terms of UI? Remember that I'm limited by the control types but can do quite a lot in terms of showing/hiding fields, using code to manipulate form behaviour, etc.

Note, the users will be familiar with the concept of fixed/estimated fees and used to specifying different currency values as appropriate. This is one of those processes that only happens on paper at the moment and is being put into an application instead.

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