I've seen the "$" sign used to indicate price range from $ (for low) to $$$ (for high) like below at TripAdvisor:

Price indicators on TripAdvisor

But is this well-understood by customers? What alternatives exist for indicating price visually without cluttering the UI with things like "Low", "Medium" and "High" which are difficult to discern when scrolling through a long list?


Using the $ - $$$$ is a well defined pattern especially for restaurant pricing, you can compare how this is used for say take away locations to how a similar filter would work for real estate where the actual dollar amount must be used.

So in short, if you are display the $$$$ for food/drink then it is a great option, if it is for something with more range like real estate then you should consider a different solution.

  • Bonus points if you use the currency sign based on user's location, so e.g., €€€€ for countries that use Euro. Foursquare does this and it's quite neat – Jaroslav M Jan 8 '19 at 8:00

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