In my program, a user will write a bot and at the end of the benchmark it will be showed to them a table showing how the bot did against some premade bots in some maps.

What I have now is this:

enter image description here

(The width of the columns are different because there were the bots name there, I changed to P1, P2, etc to make it more clear)

Even though I am satisfied with the green check mark and the red X, I'm not entirely confident about using an equal sign to demonstrate a game ended in a draw.

Is this the best approach? Personally I prefer to show "signs" than to write "Win/Loss/Draw" but I would like to hear some opinions.

I'm open to suggestions about the check mark and "X" too.

  • How much time have you spent on pinterest examining the score boards of games and apps? – Confused Dec 12 '18 at 21:39
  • Why not to use W, L, D colored letters? You can place it in the round filled shapes to make it look more consistent on their width. – Alexey Kolchenko Dec 12 '18 at 21:43

Something like this:
enter image description here

  • Shapes are consistent in width
  • Icons are easy to recognize, due to W, L, D letters. Though, a legend or tooltip is good to provide, too
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  • That looks great! – ihavenoidea Dec 12 '18 at 22:02
  • Obviously this will depend on overall colour schemes etc., but personally, I'd probably go for a non-grey colour for the draws (perhaps a not too-dark shade of blue?). To me, the grey is too suggestive of disabled controls, but might work if you either needed to indicate a match couldn't be played for some reason (perhaps with an X) or possibly (if this can happen) if a match has not yet been played (perhaps with an -). – TripeHound Dec 13 '18 at 10:55

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