If a line or bar chart is rendered as a part of a time-series, is it necessary to label somewhere around the chart what the granularity/interval of the data is?

Example: Chart Example

I can see labeling the chart with the granularity being slightly useful. But does adding the label warrant adjusting the Data-Ink ratio to include it?


I myself don't think so, since it is pretty clear from the x axis what the intervals are. However, if the labels will be organized better it wouldn't hurt, like so:

Tue, Dec 01

12:00 pm

and not:

Tue, Dec

01, 12:00

  • Auto-line breaking.... its being worked on :P – MrShmee Dec 10 '18 at 14:35

Another option would be to add a tooltip for the series, to provide further details of the corrected item.

  • The chart does have a tooltip and its header is the X-value of the chart (ex: Tue, Dec 1, 2018 13:00 EDT). – MrShmee Dec 10 '18 at 14:38

Everything depends on the use case — if people care how it changes hour-by-hour, it's useful. The "hourly data" label definitely helps understand that there are 24 data points in between every two points on the X axis.

Only thing I would change in the example is that I put the dates in between the points on the X axis and got rid of the timestamps entirely, like in the chart below:

enter image description here

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