I have my app as the screen below. I need to place a toolbar with 2 buttons: one large button displaying the currently active list/deck of drugs (below it's written 'Pediatric Drugs' where he can click to show a list of available decks), and another smaller button to add a new drug to that deck/list, however I cant use a darker background with white text (The screen appears overly crowded), and at the same time making it in white makes it barely visible or noticed by the user (I also make it hide when he scrolls downward and the opposite when he scrolls upwards). What are your suggestions for better usability of such situation.

enter image description here

Buttons have a primary role in the conversation between a user and the system, so I always try and design them in a way that they are very 'obviously' buttons, stand out, and placing them in a place where users don't have to hunt for them.

When I feel my buttons are overcrowding my UI, I try to balance the layout with contrast in colors between multiple buttons. I have just put together an idea for your screen, and not deviating from your primary color is a good idea to not make your screen look overly cluttered.

enter image description here

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