I've just designed a widget - it's a data table with 3 fairly narrow columns. It looks good on mobile and desktop.

On mobile (portrait), it takes up the full width, while on desktop, it uses 50% of the space at 12 column, which is dictated by a grid system.

However, there are "in between" widths where there's not enough space to squeeze in another column but the table becomes too wide and the columns too far apart - for instance just before 8 column breakpoint (599px).

Anyone got any ideas to throw into the pot as to how handle the table as these badly fitting widths?


You have a few options here. Also you can use flex properties to display it nicely.

Option 1: Make the columns narrower; wrap the content in the table cells; reduce the padding

  • Pros: less work
  • Cons: may affect legibility

Option 2: Have one column in the list with names that identify the items in the list. When you click on them a card with more details pops up

  • Pros: optimised for mobile use
  • Cons: more work; need to have two separate media queries for mobile and desktop

Option 3: Horizontal scroll on the bottom of the table

  • Pros: less work
  • Cons: horizontal scrolling not recommended by most UX experts

I would go for option 2.

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