I'm new and I need help for a project I'm creating...ah, and sorry for my English! So, I 've to re-design athe navigation of a software used to manage the public lighting. The user, a technician, enters the management system and must immediately visualize the problems related to many municipalities and their electrical cabinets. a municipality has many cabinet and a cabinet has many lamps. The technican has to navigate for 3 page for find the lamp that doesn't work ( choose the municipality, then the cabinet and then the lamp) How can I simplify all these clicks on the 3 levels?

I would prefer a usable and visive solution...do you have some examples for me? thank you!

  • Please provides some visual mocks so we can see your thinking and your efforts so far. This will help give context for useful answers.... – Mike M Nov 8 at 17:01
  • Yes, provide a visual for us to talk about. Since the technician task is to find the problematic lamp, you could simply provide an option to ONLY list problematic lamps in a list. – Nicolas Hung Nov 8 at 17:09

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