I'm currently working on an existing application whereby, 1. I'll need to redesign the homepage 2. New core features will be added to it

Now this work is for a client that I'm working it and they are requesting a for a concept for the homepage. What's the best approach in the UX field to work on this?

I did work on an Information Architecture but I don't find it useful since the new features haven't been worked on.


Map out your user types / personas, their pains and tasks. Use those requirements + your navigation to lay out a narrative in the HP which progressively explains what the product / service is.

Lastly, after you have an initial mockup, put it into a tool such as UsabilityHub and ask users what they think your product or service does.

An example to gather some ideas from: https://uxdesign.cc/designing-a-homepage-for-8-million-students-of-all-ages-e299fff637d2

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