I am a UI/UX designer with only some screens of landing pages. I want to know if that will effective to get clients, if I build up some full imaginaries design projects from scratch?

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    This forum is meant primarily for user experience problem solving, not career advice or portfolio review. I would check Quora, and look up top top UX blogs to start searching. You'll find quite a lot of resources on this type of subject. – Mike M Oct 25 '18 at 18:16

This is a bloated question. UX covers many disciplines, UI Design/Site Hierarchy seems to be what your looking for but in this case just apply as a UI Designer.


If you want to learn about what UX is about check out Nielsen Norman Group and give a few great UX books a read, I recommend the following:

Reading these should really open your mind to what UX is. After this understanding you'll see visual Designs are just a way of communicating your Strategy.

Case Studies

If I was hiring a UX designer I would ask them to provide a case study for a relevant product. This would show me what disciplines and methodologies they understand and also show how they problem solve and focus on user centric design.

UX Portfolio Course

There is a great tutorial at Udemy that shows how to build a case study:

The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course

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