I'm basically a back end devlopper but I need to create a page displaying data in diiferent tables.

Some of the data rows may contain very large content but I chosed to make all rows the same height. So in that case I'm resizing the row to hide part of the content and I made them clickable to resize the div.

Now I'm looking to make it look like there is more data to display and I want to indicate it without using any button and a simple cursor change doesn't seem to be enough.

So far I tried to add a "fade" effect on these divs but it looks awful and as a UX rookie, I'd like some advice from more competent people. Here are screenshots to help you visualize.

Reduced div Expanded div

Thanks in advance.


I'd like a solution that doesn't need to add any JS code or HTML elements, could it be possible to simply use CSS ? i.e. Is there any visual trick to indicate that you can click on the div to get content ? (I've noticed that some websites do the fading trick, are there any others ?)


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When content is truncated, ellipses (...) are a good way to indicate this to the user.

Something like this:

ellipses example


I would do something like this : enter image description here

Divs with info & the white part would be hidden with a centered arrow and a shadow to show more data. Usually the less important data should be added there.


I think a combination of the answers above is a good solution. You should provide some sort of affordance or indication that there is more data there, otherwise the user is forced to guess or use trial and error

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