I want to know a name for the type of keyboard filtering where a each time a user enters a character, the rest of the keyboard disables all characters which aren't relevant anymore because no word can be formed which would match the current context.

As an example: the possible inputs are all countries of the world.

  1. The user is presented with a normal keyboard with all letters from A to Z.
  2. The user presses H and as a result, all letters of the keyboard are disabled except A, O and U. This is because the only matching countries that can be entered now are Haiti, Hungary, Honduras and Holy See.

A real live example of this behaviour with public transportation station names can be found on the ticket machines here in Switzerland as seen here: ZVV Ticket machine

What would be the name of such a keyboard or keyboard behaviour?

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    Wohoo, Schwiiz! :)
    – Tim Schoch
    Oct 4, 2018 at 8:32

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Microsoft calls it "Text Suggestions For Software/Hardware Keyboard" but I also heard the term "predictive keyboard". I would recommend the second due to less complexity of the term.

Here is the link to activate Text Suggestions For Hardware Keyboard on Windows 10: https://winaero.com/blog/text-suggestions-hardware-windows-10/

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