The End-User of our product has several peers, and they collectively work according to a ticketing system.

  • A ticket gets submitted and goes a group pool of tickets, a shared queue.

  • End-user also has their own pool of assigned tickets, their individual queue.

  • The queues are (essentially) a table of data with each row containing one ticket

  • The shared queue and individual queues look nearly identical, down to the button on each ticket's row that says "view."

On the shared queue, the 'view' button displays the ticket data, but in a "read-only" format.

On the individual queue, the 'view' button displays the ticket data in an editable format. The user can act on it, or 'perform write operations.'

An individual can't work on/advance/edit/complete a ticket that is in the shared queue.

The tickets can only be worked if they've already been moved to an individuals queue. Sometimes the End Users get busy and forget what queue they're on, and clicking the 'view' button is frustrating to them because they expect to be able to work on it, but are faced with a 'read-only' view of the ticket.


What would be the ideal text change for each button to clearly indicate what the end user will see/experience when they click it?

I'm getting a lot of pushback from technical support, devs and product management. Each feels strongly about which should say 'view' and what word/label can be used instead of 'view.' Should it be an action word like "work ticket" or "complete" or "edit" or should it be something like "preview" or something else entirely?

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    One can use 'View only' for shared queue and 'View & Edit' for individual queues. – Usman Mani Oct 2 at 5:41
  • I don't understand why the shared queue tickets are read-only. – Yvonne Aburrow Oct 9 at 15:11
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    @YvonneAburrow it prevents multiple users from 'working' a single ticket by accident. You can view it before you take it, but you can't edit it/interact with it until you take it. – Maigen Thomas Oct 9 at 17:45
  • OK thanks - can they take the ticket from the shared queue? – Yvonne Aburrow Oct 9 at 18:38
  • @YvonneAburrow yes, it's the only other thing that's allowed in a shared view besides viewing the ticket. – Maigen Thomas Oct 9 at 18:45

It sounds as though the workflow is:

View shared queue
--> Take ticket [flagged as taken] 
--> [Ticket appears in personal queue]
--> [other actions now available]
--> reply / close / reassign / relinquish

If that's the case, then there should be two buttons in the shared queue, labelled View and Take ticket (and Take ticket should be a valid action for the shared queue).

And in the personal queue, there should be the following buttons: Reply | Reassign | Relinquish | Close.

If you click close, the options for closing should be works for me, resolved, workaround available etc.

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