I have a feature in my application which allows user to select alignment or location of the text before printing. E.g. Top Left, Top Right.

Right now, I have created a simple switch like the image below. Alignment UI

This is obviously less intuitive than dropdowns, even if it looks slightly better.

I was thinking if there is a better approach that I can try. Maybe 4 radio buttons aligned in 2 by 2 table?

Edit: Decided to do something similar to Office, but with colors instead of icons. New Style Color scheme is the default scheme of the website, so that's a plus. I am thinking, I can add tooltip as well, to help the user understand it better.

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You could use the typical Office style way of aligning text. Don't deviate from things that are very common. Most WYSIWYG text editors also implement something like that.

horizontal text alignment in Microsoft Word vertical and horizontal text alignment in Micrsoft Word

You could even consider giving these options in a menu that can be opened from the container that contains the text.

  • Funny thing, I totally forgot how Office style alignment works. Did the same for just 4 with nice looking blocks, instead of plain icons. It definitely looks and works much better. Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 11:26

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