When desinging labels with items that are nearly the same and only differ in a detail, what's the best approach to name the labels (desktop, not mobile)?

Qualification level and Sought qualification level vs Qualification level and Qualification level (sought) vs enter image description here

To take a more abstract approach: If I got multiple related labels with a noun (2, 3 or more items) that can only be distincted with an adjective, which of the following is the most readable design?

Noun           [input]
Adjective noun [input]


Noun             [input]
Noun (adjective) [input]

or even

Noun (as caption)
Adjective1 [input]
Adjective2 [input]

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In this case I would go for the third option:

enter image description here

As these fields are closely related to each other it makes sense to group them together. This allows you to be more specific- yet simple- with the label copy text, without repeating yourself with redundant text.

Further reading:

You should group related information in logical blocks or sets. The flow from one set of questions to the next will better resemble a conversation. Grouping related fields together also helps users make sense of the information that they must fill in. Below is an example for Contact Information.

enter image description here

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