I have to put a give up modal when the user clicks the button to quit the form because I have a large form and the user can click on the give up button unintentionally.

What is my primary action and secondary action on a give up modal?

My primary will be: "Yes, i want to quit" or "No, i don't want to quit"?

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There is not always a single answer for that.

Case 1

While there is no other intention included (where best user experience aimed), your primary focus is your users, and if the user's intention with clicking the button is to leave that form, it's preferable to keep Yes, I want to quit first.

Case 2

The button is placed for letting escape of the users, but primary focus of the product/company to keep the users in the system (so that they benefit), then generally preferred to keep No, I don't want to quit bigger.

Case 3

Whether you are interested in any of these ways above, you may choose to display simply Yes / No, other than longer Yes, I want to quit / No, I don't want to quit or opposite No / Yes.

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