I am working on redeveloping a website from scratch from an existing decade old legacy site. I am having a difficult time understanding the subject and objectives of the new site. What is the recommended process for ensuring we get started on the right path for the new site? Do we start with a client questionnaire? Any good examples out there? Secondly, at what point does a flow diagram enter the pre-production planning stages? Any tips for ensuring a great start would be highly appreciative!

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    There are so many possible answers to this from holding workshops to help the client understand and prioritise the content of the old website, to running workshops and exercises to find out what they want from the new, and all sorts of card sorts, surveys, and co-design sessions in between. I think you probably want to start with finding out what will help you in getting to a point where you understand the direction the client wants to take - I'd suggest some sort of workshop so that the discoveries are immediately evident to the client too - That'll help to remove friction later. – Andrew Martin Aug 28 '18 at 7:57

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