I am building an App which will be installed on a Kiosk, the Kiosk's sole purpose is to run this app and prevent users from doing anything else beside than use the app.

After installation only authorised users will be able to view existing configurations and modify them after entering their credentials, obviously I would not want members of the public to enter this mode or know about it's existence.

Currently I have a few options on my mind but not entirely satisfied with any:

  1. Upon entering a magic value, the configuration mode login wizard will appear.
  2. A hidden field on the screen, that will bring up the configuration mode login wizard upon being clicked.
  3. A button that will only appear on the splash screen.
  • Will the kiosk have any hardware keys/buttons you can utilize?
    – dennislees
    Aug 27, 2018 at 17:39
  • @dennislees Nope, just on screen buttons
    – Aboudi
    Aug 27, 2018 at 17:41

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What we usually do is add an area on the screen that is not a visible action item (e.g. one of the corners of the screen, or a section of a logo), and require the admin to press on it for a few seconds (somewhere between 3 and 6, usually), without any visible feedback until the full time of course.

If using a touch screen, make sure it’s wide enough for a finger, and test it on the actual device, including any furniture/holder, as edges are sometimes hard to reach.

This will then open a dialog/modal requiring a pin before being able to go any further.

You also want to automatically close that dialog after a timeout (something like 30 seconds) in the event someone still managed to open it.

Alternatives depend on the physical setup and hardware, it may involve RFID / NFC tags, remote management, having to plug in a keyboard, special inputs (including special bar codes if applicable)...

  • 2
    I've used the corners phantom areas thing, but is better if there are a sequence for it: is as simple as having a buffer with the last 3 or 4 areas pressed that clears out every n seconds, then you get the enter code/pin Aug 28, 2018 at 0:39

Utilize existing UI to invoke a number pad to input passcode

Your first idea, combination of keystrokes to pull up a login mode makes the most sense. A hidden button or a button on the splash screen are likely to pressed by accident or out of curiosity.

Holding Key Combinations

As with certain computer hardware, where in order to enter certain modes it's required to e.g. start up, then hold down a key combination until the splash screen appears, consider letting a certain combination of simultaneously held keys invoke a number pad, into which a passcode can be typed.

Leveraging Existing Inputs

It's possible to enter types of admin mode on some cell phones by typing a certain combination of numbers and special characters into the keypad. e.g. 188090#* If you don't have a keypad, you might leverage any existing input field where it's possible to free type and submit.

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