I am dealing with a new feature for our dashboard and I am trying to map out all the user's possible actions and connect them to features we have so I could see if we are missing something and improve flows. I already have user stories created epics/tasks but I need some kind of step-by-step approach of the user so I am thinking something between customer journey/user flow and service blueprint. What kind of tool or process would you use for this exercise?

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I was going to write the tools I used but there are lots of them which would be more appealing to you and more suitable for your experiences on tools you already used.

So I found more appropriate to share the lists below already available at,



Hope that would help.

  • Thanks a lot for the list! I will search through and try to find something that would suit me :) Aug 10, 2018 at 9:11
  • happy you enjoyed.. Aug 10, 2018 at 13:54

I think that the exercise Effect Mapping (also known as Impact Mapping) could be something for you.

How To

To develop an effect map you use a hierarchical diagram or a mind mapping tool and start with:

  1. writing down the site/app business goals
  2. connect the target groups/personas/users that is needed to fulfill the goals. Then you
  3. connect the user's goals to the persona and then you
  4. connect the solutions/features that support their goals.

In your case I think that you could start backward; from the feature that you have developed to the user goals (or the epics/tasks) and so on if you wish.

More info and examples

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