There are well known scanning patterns (such as F and Z scanning for websites that have been around for some time), but my assumption is that these have been built up over the years from research on single monitor usage studies or mobile device behavioural studies.

Also, there are studies (references required) to show that the scanning pattern is at least partly related to the type of website and the content displayed. This means that changing the design will have an impact on the scanning pattern (and vice versa).

However, the current trend in corporate environment is to have at least a dual monitor setup which is more complex because of the flexibility that it allows for users to customize their own views of the desktop space.

In addition, it is known that browser window sizes don't necessarily equate to the equivalent viewing space on single monitors, let alone dual screen setups (reference also required).

I am interested to know if there are scanning pattern studies for different viewport configurations?

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    It's an interesting question, but one that is likely close to impossible to answer without limiting the context. Most studies on single monitors focus on single windows within that single monitor. How people display content on multiple monitors depends heavily on the task they are doing. For example, my main monitor is a 40 inch 4k screen. When my primary task is programming or designing, the entire screen is filled with one window. When it's administrative, I have 8 windows on that one screen. The way that I would scan each of those situations are quite different, hence the challenge. – JohnGB Aug 6 '18 at 7:19
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    @JohnGB Although the relation between different screen and window setups on scanning patterns could be complicated, the actual question is quite simple. (Scanning patterns could also be simple, because of attention to one window at a time, but that is something that a study could answer.) Maybe the question can be edited such that the question title matches the sentence at the end of the question (screens vs. viewports). – gerstemout Aug 6 '18 at 11:17
  • @gerstemout you are correct. The actual question is more like a YES/NO (and if yes some references/examples). But JohnGB is quite right in that there is a lot of contextual information required to determine the scanning pattern, and I would be interested in what some of those different contexts are (e.g. doing development work on dual monitor compared to single monitor, or development versus design work, etc.) – Michael Lai Aug 6 '18 at 22:13

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