While making CJMs, can we choose them like:

  • Persona 1 | Scenario 1
  • Persona 1 | Scenario 2
  • Persona 2 | Scenario 3

or should we have different personas for each CJM like:

  • Persona 1 | Scenario 1
  • Persona 2 | Scenario 2
  • Persona 3 | Scenario 3

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In general, one personas can have several scenarios, and CJM are differente for personas/scenarios. For example, if you sell laptop you could have this 2 personas:

  • geek: a person who works with computers and have specific technical needs
  • dad: he needs to use pc only to browse internet, email and watch some films.

These 2 personas have different needs and goals so their CJM are different. We could identified 2 main scenario (this is only an example)

  • looking for the right laptop
  • buying the lapto
  • setting the laptop the first time

Both of them have these 3 scenarios, but they are different for each personas.

So, IMO, you have a situation like this to build CJM: - looking for the right laptop - GEEK - looking for the right laptop - DAD

  • buying the laptop - GEEK
  • buying the laptop - DAD

  • setting the laptop the first time - GEEK

  • setting the laptop the first time - DAD

Personae are characterisations of different sets of user needs/goals based on ideal business customers.

Scenarios are different workflows that lead to completing business goals.

The two things are not exclusive to each other - You may have fewer personae than scenarios or you may have fewer scenario than personae. You may have a few personae that complete the same scenario or you may have one or two personae that complete several scenarios

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