There are numerous IT and Enterprise applications I work with, and many of them require the display of large amounts of data (most often, tables, but also other visual displays) simultaneously. There is a need to display synchronization across 3-4 sets of data and that means multiple panes on a single page.

You are able to navigate deeper into each pane, and depending on your selection, it will reflect the relevant (and filtered) data in other panes. However, you can also navigate deeper into another pane, or in other words, you are able to navigate in more than 1 pane at a time (which would synchronize the view in the other panes).

This is causing some challenges on how to handle breadcrumbs and/or handle the navigation experience in an elegant way (not so much the display of data, but location-based markers, etc). There doesn't appear to be much in the way of resources online. It's already difficult enough to visually display numerous complex tables, and this is adding an additional element of complexity (and doing it elegantly).

Does anyone have any suggestions or can point me to some resources? It's essentially a dashboard with multiple panes of information. I've been trying to brainstorm potential out of the box ideas, but having the panes simultaneously displayed is a mandatory business requirement.


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