as an e-commerce company, it's common for creatives for marketing campaigns success to be measured in terms of numbers. e.g. based on click-through rates and conversion rates. however, just numbers might not give a full picture of what are good creatives.

Lately, we are trying to focus more on qualitative research. Where we bring in actual users and show them creatives for feedback.

a hypothesis would be for example. clean and modern looking creatives bring back the customers and make them spend more in the long run than cluttered creatives with too many elements and information. besides the obvious AB test that would be to run a long-term test with both creatives running side by side, which would be resource heavy and time-consuming. could we use a qualitative research to test this and get some insights?

we had done both qualitative and quantitative research before for models used to catalogs. e.g. Asian model vs caucasian model. compared to doing multiple photoshoots in order to get insights, it proved to be much more insightful when we brought in users and showed them a few variations of different models on the same outfits.

another idea of a test would show customers the website or app with competitors images swapped in an get their feedback

I know it's more common for testing out UI and new features, but has anyone done this sort of research for campaign creatives before? If so what would be things to test to look for and how would you carry them out

  • Hi! Iv'e come across some similar kind of research. I believe a good approach would be to organise mini focus groups and prepare a script with open ended questions along with exercises and activities. Jul 17, 2018 at 6:28
  • @MenandrosApostolidis could you give a more detailed answer. thanks
    – Blue Ocean
    Jul 17, 2018 at 10:03
  • Hi @Ameen, sorry for the late reply. I meant that if you choose participants that correspond to your demographic traits, you can split them to homogenous groups (by age or gender ,6 to 10 for each group) and do hourly sessions to discuss about e-buying habits and preferences. That way you can analyse the different outcomes of each group. The facilitator must have a list of goals, a discussion script and activities planed (ice breaking game, a metaphoric story etc). Goals and planning are key. For example if you present them 2 variations ask them to asses based on trust, aesthetics etc. Aug 8, 2018 at 7:24


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