I need your valuable feedback about a data-table I am trying to RE-design for a complex admin page.

To sum up;

  • There are "user roles" created on a page admin system.
  • There are also "users" registered on the same system.
  • The goal is the link a group of user to any chosen role. You can add roles to the table and add users to the roles.

Use case : As an administrator of my company, I would like to select available approval roles from a list to display them on a table and assign users to the selected roles. I would like to easily modify the role list and delete/add users assigned to them.

This is the current table to redesign This is the current table to redesign

This is the table UI - V1 This is what I did so far

This is the table UI - V2 enter image description here

This is the curent UI when the user clicks and add/remove roles This is the curent UI when the user clicks and add/remove roles

This is the format we are going to use for add/remove roles UI (above), except with filters, search bar and expendable sections for each role categorie, so the user wont have to scroll forever..

enter image description here

The feedback I am looking for :

1- Is the add / remove functionality clear enough ?

2- Instead of the "add roles button", should I put "edit roles" or "add/remove roles"?

3- Is "add/remove users" (edit users) clear enough ? When I click on "edit", I will have user list on a pop-in with also a search bar.

Note : (inherited from toto) means "Same as parent" but as there is alot of parent companies we dont know which one, thats why I display the name of the parent company which is toto in this case.

Thanks alot for your time, shoot if you have any questions.

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1- I didn't see the buttons to add a role and remove a role immediately, and I had to look for them to finally see them. (The high contrast of the orange links in the old interface was making these pop out more) I would place them above the table, where they would be more obvious, especially if the table is long. I would rename "Remove role" to "Remove selected role(s)" to make sure the user understand that they need to select a role to enable the remove button. In the table itself, I would change Name to Role Name. For a while, I was thinking that each row was a combination of multiple roles.

2- The add role interface is more complicated than necessary because it does 2 things at once: add roles and remove them. It duplicates information that already exists in the table, and the remove role functionality. As it's now possible to remove selected roles with a dedicated button, I would limit the add role interface to something similar to what you describe for users: with a list of available roles to add, the possibility to select them and add them to the table.

3- Add/remove users is more explicit than simply edit.

  • thanks for the valuable feedback. 1-You are right on Remove role vs Remove selected role(s). I also renamed Name to Role Name. 2-We changed our approch for editing roles, you can see the structure we are currently considering on my post that I edited. 3-Add/remove users is more explicite you are right but it takes too much space so I am thinking to put "add user(s)" when there is 0 users and edit users when there are some users. Thanks again !
    – Gogo
    Jun 22, 2018 at 15:07

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