In our company we have customer support who deal a lot with users, onboarding, talking, following up and etc. They have a lot of different feedback and insights directly from the users.

What methods are you using to keep track of everything and filter the feedback? What are the good practices on this topic? Personal experiences appreciated


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Not a personal experience, but an idea.

Keep a spreadsheet with the following columns:

  • name of the person
  • company
  • date
  • feedback
  • category / department
  • impact (1 - 5, 1 = little, 5 = very high, 0 = none )

Now assign tasks with impact 4 and 5 to the right person via email / PM tool of choice.

You can take up 1-3 tasks after you finish 4,5 tasks.

Do a monthly review to check if any 1-3 tasks have become 4 or 5.


  • As you seem to mean "name of the person" calling in: Be sure to get their consent if you want to store their interaction. (Yes, i'm from Germany :-) Jul 15, 2018 at 12:23
  • I think this goes best for me! Thanks. Personally, I think I will just add a field what actual impact it will make. Increase CR or reduce the amount of users getting confused. Cheers Jul 19, 2018 at 8:20

To track and generate insights from qualitative data, I use dovetail https://dovetailapp.com/

I find it really simple to use and adapted to my needs. I sent some comments to their team when they were in beta, and they were really responsive.

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