I do work with a 13 inch laptop for reading and writing. Please suggest which screen resolution is best for eyes.


1360 * 768 (16:9) or 1600 * 900 (16:9)

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    Please note that screen resolution does not equel on how big the letters are rendered. A 640x480 screen with 1cm tall letters would have as big letters as a 4k screen with 1cm letters. They just look smoother. – Hennes Jun 1 '18 at 11:52

The higher resolution the better it is for your eyes. Looking at pixels is not good for your eyes so you can limit that with high res.

The higher is always better, but if you can’t find a 4k resolution laptop in your budget or the laptop you want doesn’t have the higher resolution model then stick to at least 1080p resolution.


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