I'm working with an application for the construction industry which lets users manage and organize their daily jobs. Part of this app is a view in which you can add jobs and assign cost codes (the specific type of work) to each job. The cost codes are already drag-able, however there also needs to be a way to organize the jobs. In terms of technical limitations, jobs can't be draggable but they can be sortable.

So my question here is how do I clearly show that these top-level objects are sortable? Where should I expose that functionality? On each of the parent "Job" elements, or at the top?

Take a look at "Bridge Sample Estimate" and "Country Road 14" - these are the jobs that need to be sortable:

 Screenshot of a couple jobs with assigned cost codes.

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    What properties of each job can you sort by?
    – camden
    May 18, 2018 at 15:45

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Try using the top left of the table for explicitly stating the sort orders possible for both the Jobs and the Cost Codes.

You can set the sort orders for both the Jobs and the cost codes, and see both orders next to each other.

enter image description here

Forgive the wonky icon showing the numerical sort; I just wanted to piece something together to show the user the different sort types available.

I also put in a search box top left.

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