Is there an official name for a header who's characteristics (e.g. background color, height, etc) or that of its content change as the user scrolls?

An example can be found on engadget.com where the links collapse in to a dropdown menu as the user scrolls down the page.


We call this behaviour a 'responsive header' as it changes depending on the viewport or scroll depth.

Responsive covers all bases when it comes to a dynamically changing asset.

But there will be a few different versions of the same name for this.


It doesn't actually have a name to be honest, one alias as @sclarke mentioned in the comments is responsive header.

People also call it:

  • dynamic header/menu
  • interactive header/menu
  • collapsing header/menu

Not all things have a fixed name, only somewhat of a description of what it does.


At one of my previous companies, it was called a "sticky nav" since it sticks to the top of the page and had links to sections on the page.

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